A Biology concept developer & medical coach by profession, Rijuman has been following his passion for photography and working as an integral part of Photographians - a boutique candid wedding photographers' team!
Back in 2013, RD did his first trek to Phoktey Dara in West Sikkim, and since then, he has done several high altitude treks including Sandak Phu- Phalut, Roopkund Lake, Kedarkantha Snow Trek, Goechala, Prini Peak, Nag Tibba, Taktsang Monastery (Bhutan) and more.
Madly in love with his Canon 6D Mark II, you'll always find him capturing whatever catches his interest. (About 99.9% of the photographs you would see are taken by him - No Kidding!)
Oh and not to forget, he's the planner for most of the backpacking trips - he's actually brilliant at it...!!!
"There's no end to learning", he believes. And as RD would say, he's in a quest of learning more about his inner self, every journey turns out to be a new lesson for him.

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