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As you might have figured it out already, I’m on a quest of exploring the world, backpacking across places & indulging in authentic experiences. I’m here with all the amazing ‘Stories from My Journeys’ for all enthusiastic travelers, who are thinking of breaking free (without quitting your regular jobs & with minimum resources) and planning to explore this beautiful world! I’m open to collaborations, creating good content & sharing high-quality photographs.

If you are keen to associate and work with me, then let’s get in touch. I’m also eager to pursue commissioned content assignments for travel companies, boutique hotels, tourism boards, and more. I hope to share my tales with a broader audience, connecting with readers through engaging storytelling.

And if you are looking for some help regarding travel planning and want me to curate that perfect ‘tailor-made’ itinerary for you – I’d be glad to do that too!

kenya riyanka
kenya riyanka

Back in 2014, I was pursuing a Fellowship in Rajasthan (India) and had the chance to travel across the state. At that time, I used to scribble my experiences in my notebook. Little did I know then, that my passion for traveling and knack for writing would bring me here! It was in 2018 when I decided to travel often and started this blog, aiming to share the stories from my own journeys & experiences. But the Universe had other plans! When the pandemic hit the world & traveling nearly came to a standstill, I thought that it’d be great to hear how the journeys are unfolding for others – and that’s when I started accepting guest posts for my website.

So, if you are one like me, bitten by the travel bug and looking forward to sharing your experiences through your literary masterpieces, then I’m all ears! In an era, when short-form content and reels are taking the world over by storm, I would still prefer to read long articles, where adventures and experiences are conveyed through words infused with passion.

In case you have valuable insights and interesting stories about places I may not have explored, or an epic adventure worth recounting, feel free to reach out. Whether you’ve trekked through rugged terrains, plunged into the depths of oceans, or encountered something extraordinary during your travel – you can weave engaging stories about your escapades, and I’d love to read that.

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Here are a few things that I’d like you to keep in mind when you ‘Share Your Story’:

  • Please make sure that your article is unique and not published anywhere else
  • Try to put your flavors into it, and write at least 800+ words (‘coz I like detailed pieces!)
  • Share a couple of photographs to go with your article; makes it more relatable for the readers
  • Also, I’d love to add an ‘Author Bio’ (who doesn’t like publicity, right?) – so don’t forget to write a few lines about yourself, the places you’ve traveled to, the things you love, and more ❤
If you want to share your pitches or discuss the topic with me before you get started with your article, you can drop me an email at roytellstales@gmail.com – I’m excited to hear from you!