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5 Reasons Why I Loved Traveling to Goa with My Best Friend

I’m sure that each one of you reading this article will have that one friend in mind who has perhaps ditched you for a Goa trip! But my story has been a bit different. Debolina and I last traveled together to Thailand in 2019 and spent 48 amazing hours in Koh Phi Phi, but in the last five years, the world around us has changed dramatically.

We lived through a pandemic, barely knowing if we could ever travel again together or not. Even our personal lives have seen many changes. Yet, something has remained the same—you may call it a bond we’ve built over the last 29 years (yeah, that’s how old our friendship is!) or that pinch of madness that drives us both!

This February, we were chatting one afternoon, and on a whim, we decided to take a trip to Goa. We booked the tickets on the same day, and I realized that the essence of our friendship remains beautifully intact.

Trip to Goa 1

Here’s why I loved traveling to Goa with my best friend:

1. We embraced slow travel.

Unlike our previous trip to Thailand, where we meticulously planned each day with a checklist of must-see places and must-do activities, this trip to Goa had no such agenda. We decided to embrace slow travel, moving at our own pace and truly savoring each moment. This allowed us to immerse ourselves in the experience, rather than just ticking off tourist spots.

We wandered aimlessly along the beaches, explored quaint alleys, wandered around vibrant local markets, and often, while I sat at a cafe to work, she spent hours fiddling with her phone! We had no complaints, we just enjoyed each other’s company.

I realized I shared such comfort with her – there was no rush or pressure to be anywhere at a specific time. This freedom made our days more relaxed and enjoyable, letting us absorb the true essence of Goa.

I remember one morning, we woke up late and were lying in bed till late afternoon, until we were starving. She cracked a joke and said, “Amra dujone Goa eshe kirokom moida’r dola’r moto bichanae porey achi“, (Both of us are in Goa, yet we are lying around like dough on the bed!) and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Traveling to Goa, Debolina fiddling with her phone
Debo, fiddling with her phone at Artjuna, while I worked!

2. We both were equally enthusiastic about our sunset conversations!

One of the best and most memorable parts of our trip was watching the sunset for hours. We would find a quiet spot on the beach, settle down with some snacks and drinks, and just watch as sunset. The sky would transform into a canvas of orange, pink, and purple hues, casting a magical glow over the sea.

We would either be silent, just soaking in the beauty of nature but often, we talked our hearts out, sharing our thoughts, dreams, and worries.

There was something magical about those serene moments by the beach, and they allowed us to reconnect on a deeper level, strengthening our bond and creating lasting memories.

Soaking in the sunset
Debo, watching the sunset at Anjuna Beach.

3. Savoring the delicious Konkani cuisine.

Both of us are absolute foodies, and we are always on the lookout for a good meal! I remember before the trip, we were exchanging Instagram posts, and bookmarking places where we’d love to eat during our trip – and thankfully, Goa did not disappoint us.

We discovered some of the best Konkani thalis, savoring the rich and diverse flavors of Goan cuisine. We hopped around Assagao and walked down the lanes of Panjim, to find the restaurants we had bookmarked.

Each meal in Goa turned into a delightful experience – from the fresh seafood curries to the traditional cerradura dessert. We made it a point to try different local eateries, ranging from beachside shacks to authentic Goan restaurants. And by the end of every meal, we would discuss how we have overeaten happily!

4. We had our daily glam sessions!

Back in 2019, when we went to Thailand, we literally spoke every single day and made sure we had color-coordinated clothes to wear during the trip! I know that sounds crazy, and this time, we were so busy before the trip, that we barely had a chance to talk properly! But, it goes without saying that my best friend always had a knack for fashion, and this trip was no exception!

Every day, she made sure I dolled up with her, and even though I’m not much into make-up, I found myself enjoying the process with her.

Once we got dressed, we made sure to click a bunch of selfies and it became a fun ritual, adding a touch of glamour and excitement to our days. These sessions were more than just about looking good; they were about spending quality time together and creating memories. I know that 5 years later when we look at these photos, we’ll surely laugh while reminiscing about these moments!

5. We made sure to live every moment to the fullest!

Despite reminiscing about our school days and discussing our dreams for the next decade, we made a conscious effort to live in the present.

We cherished every moment, laughed often, and created new memories while traveling. Whether it was exploring the vibrant streets of Panjim, hopping around the beaches, exploring the Museum of Goa, or watching the sunset – we made sure to be fully present and enjoy every experience. We chose to be mindful enough, to appreciate the beauty of our surroundings and the joy of being together.

I must admit that I’ve been quite lucky, and this impromptu trip to Goa was a beautiful reminder of the joy of shared experiences and the strength of true friendship.

Traveling to Goa with Debolina once again reaffirmed that the best journeys are those spent with someone who truly understands and complements you. Whether it was exploring new places, savoring delicious food, or simply enjoying each other’s company, every moment of our Goa trip was special.


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