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Thinking Of Traveling To South Korea? Join Our All-Women Trip In October 2024

I was in Hanoi that afternoon, getting ready to step out for lunch, when Khyati texted me to ask, “Babes, would you like to co-host the trip to South Korea with me?” – and even before I could actually type ‘YES’ to her, I had said it a hundred times in my mind already!

No, I’ve never been a fan of K-dramas, but I’ve always loved bibimbap, bulgogi, and other delicious Korean dishes. And somehow, the idea of exploring a new country with a group of women fills me with happiness. Also, truth to be told, Khyati and I have been working together for quite some time now, and we’ve always planned to travel together someday – so here we are, all set to co-host an all-women trip to South Korea and experience epic adventures, together!

So, if you’ve been thinking of ticking South Korea off your travel bucketlist, or wish just to let loose, meet some amazing women on the way, indulge in great conversations over a glass of Soju, and get some perfect ‘gram-worthy photos, you have to tag along with us and travel to South Korea this October!

South Korea

Dates: Oct 17 to Oct 27, 2024
Destinations: Seoul, Jeju Islands, Busan


Why should you join this all-women South Korea group trip?

Do we really need to give you reasons to have a fun trip? Probably not, right? But if you insist, let me tell you that Khyati has already been to South Korea and has curated an itinerary that can’t go wrong! She knows all the best places to visit, where to eat in Seoul, the best shopping spots, and more.

  • You’ll get to see and experience everything straight out of your favorite K-drama series!
  • Make amazing new friends – we love to celebrate the beauty of adult female friendships!
  • You’ll be on a solo trip, but never alone! We’ll make sure you always have great company!

If this is your first international trip, there’s no need to worry. Khyati and I are taking care of everything – from helping you apply for your visa to booking accommodations and planning daily itineraries. All you need to do is tag along and enjoy.

Plus, October is the perfect time to explore South Korea. So, stop procrastinating and take that well-deserved break!

South Korea Trip

Highlights of the 10-day trip to South Korea:

While there’s a lot that Khyati has planned for us, I thought to just put down a few things that I’m looking forward to, so that you also know what’s waiting ahead for you to experience in South Korea when you tag along with us:

  • Picnic at Han River: Kick off the trip with a delightful picnic by the Han River, the perfect way to break the ice and start unwinding.
  • A relaxing Korean Spa: Experience ultimate relaxation as you melt away your worries at a traditional Korean spa.
  • Exploring the Gamcheon Culture Village: Wander through the colorful streets of Gamcheon Culture Village in Busan, often called the Machu Picchu of Korea.
  • Discovering the Pretty Cafes in Seoul: Discover and relax in Seoul’s most Instagram-worthy cafes, personally tried and tested just for you.
  • A Trip to the North Korean Border: Add a touch of intrigue with a visit to the North Korean border, offering a fascinating glimpse into history.
  • Exploring Hanok Village and Palace: Step back in time at Seoul’s most beautiful Hanok village and palace. Don’t forget to rent a hanbok for some fantastic K-reel moments! 😉
  • Souvenir Shopping: Indulge in some serious retail therapy, from hunting for great bargains to exploring chic boutique stores.
  • A Dream Trip to Jeju Island: Be captivated by the breathtaking beauty of Jeju Island’s UNESCO World Heritage sites.

I know you’re excited already, and probably thinking what the itinerary looks like, right? Go check out the details and trip overview for the all-women trip to South Korea and fill in the form to book your spotbecause we just have 3 seats left now!


    1. Hello Susan, the trip cost is INR 1,59,900/- including accommodations, transport and experiences. You can check the itinerary and other details on the link given in my blog.

  1. It’s a great idea to arrange a trip to South Korea in October 2024! One of the greatest months to go is October, when the gorgeous autumn leaves and mild weather turn the surrounding landscapes into vivid shades of red, orange, and yellow. Don’t miss Seoul’s historic palaces, Nami Island’s beautiful splendour, or the Seoul Lantern Festival. Discover the vibrant marketplaces, indulge in mouthwatering street cuisine, and take in South Korea’s blend of modernity and rich culture. October in South Korea promises to be a remarkable and colourful experience, regardless of your interests in history, nature, or urban exploration.

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